When SSS launched feedback included one parent who said they did not agree with the idea. Suggesting that it was important to apologise for your child if they did something wrong. We couldn't agree more with this. 

SSS is not about 'not' taking responsibility for your children, letting them run riot and do so without any form of discipline, or indeed apologising for accidents! We all know they happen! 

We know as parents when we need to say sorry for our children's actions. Well, most of us to anyway!  

It is about showing parents out there that they don't have to apologise for their children in general, something I for one, am guilty of. I apologise as soon as I walk into a coffee shop! 

One parent wrote to me saying, 

"I hear so many parents struggling to cope with the natural pressure new parents face without the added pressure impatient, intolerant, unsympathetic members of the public can place on them"

This is what SSS is about. SSS is about parents showing each other some solidarity in a light hearted way! 
Ready and waiting for the blog posts to come flooding in! Well, so we hope!