In a rather extreme case, which thankfully we don't hear of two often, a young mum was asked to leave a Caffe Nero as her little boy was being 'too noisy'. 

Aaron has recently been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and had become loud and distressed. The parents  had been trying distraction techniques to calm him down before they were asked to leave. 

Nero have since offered an apology.


05/10/2017 9:59pm

I will read the whole story now. I want to know more about it.

08/02/2017 3:28pm

If Caffe Nero did it in a pleasant way, there’s going to be no problem with that. It’s owner’s right to do anything he wanted to do if there are unnecessary actions that are happening inside his establishment. I am sure that the young mother understands the whole situation, though it’s kind of embarrassing to be kicked out from a coffee shop. In this kind of case, what’s important is the decency and the respect you should give to each other.


Have they finally calm him down? Was there any other problems with him?

06/25/2017 12:55am

Why people are so rude? That's depressing, don't you think so?

07/21/2017 12:25pm

It's always hard for me to read such stories. I am a bit upset right now.


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